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Scott Construction Reviews

Adam Miller was especially thorough and found a significant roof problem after inspecting based on a passing smell question from my wife about an interior paint finish. His attention to details and questions my have saved our house from a major roof leak and damage.

C. Konz
Lebanon, Indiana

You "presentation" sold us on your reputation as a contractor. Very hard working crew. We appreciated the excellent clean up work.

V. Richardson
Jamestown, Indiana

This was the best service we had ever experienced from start to finish. We were very pleased and will definitely keep your company in our files for future work. Thank you for doing such a good job!

J. Scheeke
Brownsburg, Indiana

Excellent maintenance of work site and overall order during the job. Jeff's presentation of proposal, inspired great confidence in likely and actual good results.

B. Grause
Lebanon, Indiana

Good Job. Employees stayed on the job until finished.

D. Smith
Lebanon, Indiana

I liked it because you were here when you said you would be. The estimate I felt was fair and I liked the way Jeff explained everything. The workers were very good. I feel they did an excellent job. The work was done exactly the way Jeff said it would be. And the clean up was very good. The workers were fast and did not stand around. I would recommend your company anytime.

J. Bowen
Thorntown, Indiana